Update: THOMS Aviation is providing Aircraft Disinfection

Aircraft: disinfection - interior cleaning - exterior wash

Aircraft disinfection

It’s important for business aviation to integrate aircraft disinfection and cleaning at the forefront, given the current global situation with COVID-19. That’s why THOMS Aviation is offering disinfection services for any type of aircraft.

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Cosmetic Engineering with a minimum use of water

For Airlines it is necessary to be competitive and needs to reduce ground time and make every minute profitable. THOMS Aviation Cosmetic Services with a minimum use of water can contribute this task. While engineers are getting the aircraft ready to fly, the THOMS Cosmetic Engineers taking care of the full appearance at the same time. This will contribute in more flying hours. Our services and quality will contribute to fuel savings that reduces Co2 emissions and due to ourdetailing skills the paint life will be prolonged by 20%.

THOMS Aviation raised the bar that we do not talk about cleaning; our “cosmetic engineers” are trained by THOMS Training Academy in Aircraft Appearance and Aircraft Detailing. They are 100% dedicated and security checked.

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