WHAT’s to be gained from a clean aircraft:

  • A well-maintained surface finish that saves on fuel costs
  • Reduction in fluid leaks that contribute to drag
  • A reduction in drag by an estimated 0.1%
  • Minimize metal corrosion and paint damage that contribute to drag and overall deterioration of your investment
  • Potential identification of leaks and local damage
  • Positive passenger perception
  • Improved profitability
  • A reduction in skin fiction drag and increased airspeed

Why clean an aircraft?
The amount of imperceptible corrosive-causing chemicals that adhere to aircraft surfaces during day-to-day operations is staggering and if left unchecked, will cause corrosion. Frequent washing contributes to aircraft safety and efficiency and if undertaken with technical competence, using the most appropriate products, becomes a profit generator rather than a cost driver.

How environmentally friendly are your services?
In a nutshell, far more than traditional washing and polishing systems. A closed-loop system captures the water used in the cleaning process, complying with environmental storm water runoff regulations. All contaminants are filtered out; grease, oil, glycol, and other contaminants are removed from the airport gate and ramp areas, and the clean water is recycled and reused.

Times are tough at the moment – why should I invest now?
Fuel represents a substantial cost to any airline so what may seem like insignificant reductions in fuel consumption can significantly transform bottom line results. Improvements to profitability must focus on all variables that affect fuel economy and without doubt an aerodynamically clean aircraft is one of them. Regular washing and polishing of an aircraft reduces drag and can result in fuel savings of between one and two per cent potentially saving millions from your cost base.

Just how flexible can you be?
We understand schedules change so if time only permits a partial clean, that is all we undertake and all you pay for. We undertake zonal washes for fuel and timesaving and we use high performance products specifically designed for cleaning the difficult areas around wheel bays, flaps, landing gear, and other demanding regions.

How safe are the products you use?
Our cleaning and anti-corrosion products conform to aircraft manufacturers’ specifications and airline standards, and include dry wash products for ramp cleaning and for where the disposal of wastewater is tricky.